Digital Dirt

April 16, 2010

      Digital dirt refers to information that can be found online about someone that would hurt their reputation. It is also information that someone wouldn’t want certain people to see that may embarrass them or make them look foolish. Many people don’t think about digital dirt and the consequences that it has.

     If I were interviewing different people for a job, before I decided which one to hire I would go online and dig up any dirt I could on the individual. If someone has bizarre things online or is vulgar, immature, or anything that wouldn’t reflect good character, I would not hire them for the job. People need to understand that when they are online.

     It’s not so much the fact that people are intentionally putting out dirt on themselves as it is just them being careless and not thinking. Facebook ( is a great example of this. Many people add hundreds of friends, then don’t remember who they are all friends with, and then say ridiculous things on the website or post things that is inappropriate. If they actually sat back and thought about who all could see this, then maybe they would reconsider. Facebook is just an example, as many other websites are out there where people are careless and put dirt on themselves.

     It doesn’t have to be social network websites, but anything. It is a good idea to “Google” yourself ( see what other people can find out about you. To many people, the results will be shocking. If people could know how easy it is to find digital dirt, there would be a lot less of it as people would be more careful.


Podcast Review

April 2, 2010

      Ever since iTunes came out, I have been a member and have been buying music, T.V. shows, and movies and putting everything on my iPod. I’m sure I’ve spent well over $5,000 since becoming a member. I like to consider myself “iTunes smart”, as in I’m always the one called when a friend’s iPod or iTunes is messed up. Althought I’ve very familar with iTunes, I have never had any use of podcasts. From browsing around at the iTunes store a few years back, I realized what podcasts were and how they could be beneficial for others. However, I was never interested in subscribing to any, and I never thought I would until now.

      After searching around a good while on iTunes for worthy podcasts, I finally stumbled upon some Fox News podcasts. I was very intrigued, since I am a social conservative Republican. I downloaded a couple Fox News podcasts and love them!

      The first podcast I downloaded was Fox News Flash. This podcast is a video podcast and is about two minutes long. It basically consists of what is going on in the world and is updated daily. It usually doesn’t cover any politics but rather current events such as funny or popular stories. I love it because I can watch it every day on my computer and know what is going on in this world.

      The second podcast I downloaded was Fox News Radio. This podcast is roughly five minutes long and is only audio. It usually consists of politics, which I am greatly interested in, and contains useful information that includes interviews and guests. I like this podcast because I can put them on my iPod and play them in my car when I am driving back and forth to campus.

      I have always known what podcasts were but never gave them a chance. I don’t really know why but I am glad I have now. I’m looking forward to finding more podcasts to subscribe to and use on a daily basis. However, I’m going to stick to my Fox News podcasts for now, as I don’t want like to clutter my iTunes too much.

Blog Review

April 2, 2010

      I am an avid and dedicated New York Yankees fan, to say the least. Ever since I was eight years old, I have been following and cheering for the Yankees hoping they would win the world championship every year. I always try to find out about what’s going on with them, from scores and statistics to news and injury reports. If I’m lucky, I can try to catch something about the Yankees on ESPN, usually being Sportscenter. The only other way is the internet where usually I would google and just browse around. However, I have found just recently found a website for blogging devoted solely for true Yankees fans. This website,, has blogs detailing games, scores, news, trades, and anything and everything a New York fan would want. The great thing about the website is that it gives great details and is in-depth information, unlike a quick sentence or two if someone would watch ESPN.

      One blog I found very interesting on this website was the blog In the blog, it states how Joba Chamberlain, who was once thought to become the Yankees’ ace, has been moved from starter to reliever. This means he will get much less pitching time. This was very beneficial for me to read because I like Chamberlain a lot and I had no idea that this had happened.

      Another blog I found interesting was the blog Teixeira, one of my favorite Yankees, was injured and will miss the next few games. Again, another post that was very interesting to me and worth reading.

      These blogs are basically just news updates for the New York Yankees, and as the regular season will be starting soon, I’m sure there will start to be much more blogs written. I am extremely glad I found this blog website and will definitely start using it throughout the next baseball season.


March 4, 2010

      After my assignment of using twitter, I realized that it isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Originally, I hated the thought of Twitter or anyone using Twitter. I, as well as many other people that I know, thought that it was just a social networking site that is only capable of doing what Facebook statuses accomplish. I thought, why would I want to tell people all day long what I’m thinking or how I’m doing or where I am or what am I doing? I didn’t even understand why people were using Twitter.

      The only reason I thought Twitter was useful was for fans of celebrities or professional athletes. Many celebrities have Twitter, and I have to admit that for some reason it is pretty cool to know what your favorite celebrity is doing. Maybe it is because people look up to them and admire them a lot. Maybe people like to stalk. I don’t know, but I found myself wanting to follow my favorite celebrities as well.

      During my assignment, I found it hard to remember to tweet. When something funny, unusual, or eventful would happen I would not think to tweet about it. I caught myself many times remembering that I need to tweet more to reach the minimum twenty, but I kept forgetting. This made me realize that Twitter isn’t for me.

      So, after my Twitter assignment, I don’t hate it as much as I used to. Before the assignment I would diss Twitter and anybody that would use it. Now, I have an open mind to it. Even though it isn’t for me and I will probably never tweet for reasons other than my FYE class, I accept it now and can tolerate people tweeting.

About Me

March 4, 2010

My name is Joseph Kennedy and I am currently a true freshman at Georgia Southern University, and my major is I.T. I was born and raised in Orange County, California, but spent most of my childhood in Sandersville, Georgia. After graduating high school, I joined the Marine Corps and became a machine gunner in the infantry. I was deployed to two combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. I served four years in the Marines and then was honorably discharged and decided to further my education. I enjoy sports, guns, fishing, hunting, and politics. I hope to graduate college and work for the F.B.I. and do field work (drug raids, hostage situations, etc.).